Aircraft Management


Multiflight is an approved Part M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) providing solutions to meet your needs.

Holding CAA Part CAMO for a variety of aircraft types, both fixed wing and rotary, Multiflight is able to ensure Continued Airworthiness on a wide range of aircraft types, ranging from Cessna, Cirrus, Piper, Diamond and Beechcraft fixed wing alongside Airbus, MD helicopters.

Supporting this we can offer a range of services:

  • Aircraft maintenance programme development and ongoing management
  • Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) issue and extension privileges
  • Access to a wide range of technical documentation and data, including maintenance manuals, IPC, SRM’s, WDMs, Airworthiness Directives and service bulletins etc..
  • Document and record management and storage
  • Library services, including electronic/scanning
  • Certificate of Airworthiness for import/export
Complementing the above we can offer extended aircraft management services:
  • Quality assurance auditing
  • Aircraft record review and audits
  • Aircraft surveys
  • Aircraft physical inspections and reporting

We are also able to support non-EASA registered aircraft, including FAA N-registered aircraft.

It is essential that before purchasing aircraft you safeguard your investment by ensuring the history of maintenance and components is compliant with the latest regulatory requirements. If you need assurance that your aircraft is compliant with the latest regulations then Multiflight can help you.

We are specialist Aircraft Surveyors. Our expert surveyors are experienced UK Part 66 Licensed Engineers (A, B1 & C) having careers in Maintenance, Airworthiness and Quality at management Level. We are acceptable to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as qualified to survey aircraft by the virtue of holding Form 4 approval for Airworthiness Review Certificate signatory.

Our aircraft surveys include:

A physical survey of your aircraft:
We carry out a thorough investigation of your aircraft, aircraft defects, repairs, modifications, component changes and overhaul records, ensuring compliance with Part 21, Part M and Part 145 requirements. The general condition of your aircraft is also assessed.

A thorough review of your aircraft records

This includes a detailed check of the compliance status of all Airworthiness Directives, component fitment and removal against the aircraft log books, and that your aircraft has the required legal documentation to fly.

These checks must be completed before an aircraft can be flown. If you are going to invest significantly in an aircraft, then you should know whether you’re required to invest further to ensure it is legal, safe and airworthy.

A due diligence audit can be carried out to ensure these critical items are monitored by an independent, expert surveyor. Multiflight is 100% independent from any aircraft manufacturer or maintenance organisation.

For more information, contact us:

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