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Specialising in the support of turbine and piston fixed wing aircraft and turbine helicopters.

As an Approved Service Centre for major manufacturers including Cessna, Cirrus and Diamond we provide approved maintenance and parts including warranty support.

Aircraft engineering Aircraft maintenance

Here at Multiflight our maintenance centre’s highly skilled and dedicated team has a wealth of engineering talent. We maintain our own fixed wing aircraft and helicopters as well as looking after clients’ aircraft.

It’s vital that your aircraft is maintained correctly throughout its life:

Your aircraft requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure airworthiness and safety. For all your aviation requirements our team works quickly and professionally to keep your downtime to a minimum.

We maintain a wide range of aircraft at Multiflight.

Some of the fixed wing aircraft we can provide maintenance for include Diamond, Cirrus, Pilatus, Gulfstream, Citation, Cessna, Caravan, Bombardier, Beechjet and Beechcraft.

For anyone requiring helicopter maintenance, we maintain the following helicopters: McDonald Douglas, Airbus and Bell 505.

Third party maintenance service

Multiflight’s extensive aircraft engineering facilities allow us to provide the highest quality third party maintenance service. We work with both private and professional operators to offer comprehensive and competitive maintenance service that ranges from a simple oil change to a complete overhaul and refit.

Cessna, Diamond and Cirrus Service Centre

We are a Cessna Customer Care Centre and are approved for maintenance for the Cessna Caravan and Cessna 425 to the small single engine Cessna 150. We are also a Cirrus Service Centre and provide a full range of technical and record services. As a Diamond Service Centre we provide a full maintenance and warranty service for Diamond aircraft.

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In-house Avionic Design Services

We can provide in–house avionic engineering design and installation services, and, as agents, provide avionic equipment from Garmin, Avidyne, Genesys and Trig.

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Engineering Documents

Multiflight’s ARC Capability List
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ARCs for Aircraft owners and Operators
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Aircraft Engineering and Design Brochure
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, reduced landing fees will apply.

Yes, we offer International shipping.

Same day shipping from stock, 3/5 days for OEM stock parts.

Yes, 24/7. Tel no 07900737650, or 07887688207

Yes, we offer technical support. Tel 0113 2387129

Yes, we provide quotes for most aircraft parts. Tel 0113 238 7129

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