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Executive Aircraft Handling Multiflight EGNM Leeds

Multiflight ensures that flying in and out of Leeds Bradford Airport is as easy, safe and efficient as possible for all types of executive aircraft, their owners, passengers and crew.

Multiflight are a full service fixed based operator (FBO) providing everything from aircraft handling, security screening, VIP catering and accommodation arrangements to airport transfer, aircraft refuelling, hangarage and engineering.

We operate a professional, friendly, executive handling service, and are always willing to go that extra mile for our clients. Yorkshire hospitality and the personal touch are the cornerstones of the Multiflight philosophy.

Our dedicated team of professional staff will look after you and your aircraft, providing a service for aircraft from a Cessna 172 up to a Boeing 757. These facilities cater for all aircraft, from light aircraft to VIP business jets.

Security Screening Facility.

Multiflight have a purpose built screening facility located airside, we have a third-party security team from Leeds Bradford Airport Security Team, who are available upon request to screen qualifying flights.

Multiflight handling co-ordinators will instruct the passengers as to the full security procedure including dangerous goods.

  • Qualifying flights are Charter Flights above 10 Metric Tonne.
  • All departing Crew and Passengers will be subject to the UK’s full security screening requirements.
  • Crew and Passengers will be processed by Leeds Bradford Airport Security team, to Standard EU/UK CAA DfT rules regarding prohibited items and liquids. Baggage screened by Aviation Security AMD and X-Ray equipment.
  • Liquids must be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20cm x 20cm. Liquids must be in a container of no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces). with a total capacity of up to a litre.
  • The re-sealable bag must be sealed and be able to fit into the passenger’s hand baggage.
  • All hold baggage will be screened and segregated from Passengers and Crew under the supervision of Security personnel. If an aircraft’s Hold is accessible by Crew and Passengers from the Main Cabin the Operator should confirm its requirements. A Passenger/Lead Passenger must be present during the screening of baggage.

Each operator should ensure that all Crew and Passengers are made fully aware of these requirements

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