How to Find Hangarage for Your Private Plane

Whether you live in an urban environment and lack the space to build your own hangarage, or prefer the convenience and tailored services that an FBO can offer, Multiflight boasts highly secure hangar facilities that ensure the longevity, maintenance and utility of your aircraft.

How to Find Hangarage for Your Private Plane

When it comes to storing and servicing your private aircraft, choosing the right Fixed Base Operator (FBO) or hangar facility is essential. Purchasing a private plane is an investment that comes with a number of considerations, and locating first class hangarage is no exception. Whether you live in an urban environment and lack the space to build your own hangarage, or prefer the convenience and tailored services that an FBO can offer, Multiflight boasts highly secure hangar facilities that ensure the longevity, maintenance and utility of your aircraft.

Location considerations

It is vital to consider the location when renting hangar space for your aircraft. Hangarage that is convenient for you to access when you need to use your aircraft, and allows travel to the destinations you frequently travel to, is paramount.

Renting space from a local Fixed Base Operator (FBO) offers several benefits including flexibility, amenities, and professional maintenance services.

The purpose of your plane

Hangarage needs can vary depending on the reason for private aircraft ownership.

For those entertaining business clients, priorities might include access to conference space, VIP catering and available attendants to ensure seamless travel. Alternatively, if the primary function of your private plane is investing in luxury family travel, your needs could be more aligned with comfortable lounge space and flexibility.

Some FBOs offer specialised services tailored to different types of aircraft usage, so be sure to communicate your requirements clearly when exploring rental options.

Hangar availability 

Hangar availability 

It is prudent to ask if they have the capacity to house and care for the type of aircraft you own. Before committing to a hangar rental, inquire about availability of the facility. Discussing restrictions or limitations ensures transparency about how your private jet will be cared for, and opens up a space for you to ask further questions.

It’s also wise to inquire about future availability to ensure long term suitability for your needs.

Cost of hangarage

The fees associated with hangar space depend on factors such as location, size, and services provided. It is essential to weigh the cost against the benefits and amenities available.

Investing in first class hangarage with comprehensive services will save you time, money and stress in the long run, as the quality of care aircraft is afforded in your chosen hangar space will directly impact the longevity and integrity of your plane.

Amenities at your disposal

When evaluating hangarage options, consider the amenities provided by the FBO or hangar facility. Beyond simply providing a place to park your plane, FBOs offer a range of services that can greatly enhance your flying experience:


Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your private aircraft in top condition. Look for an FBO that offers comprehensive maintenance services, including scheduled inspections, repairs, and avionics support.

A facility with skilled technicians and access to quality parts and equipment will help keep your aircraft airworthy.

Aircraft fuelling

Convenient access to aircraft fuelling is another important consideration when choosing an FBO.

Look for hangarage with Jet-A and Avgas fuel readily available. This saves you time and complications with your journey, especially when travelling to remote destinations where refuelling options may be limited.

At Multiflight, our dedicated trained ground handling team are available to provide Jet-A and Avgas fuel on arrival and departure. We operate fuel trucks that can be driven to aircraft within minutes of arrival at our site.


Professional handling can elevate your experience from mediocre to exceptional, where client comfort is a top priority. FBOs that put your needs first will have access to a wide range of handling services including:

  • Security screening
  • VIP catering
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Airport transfer
  • Aircraft fuelling
  • Engineering


Look for facilities that prioritise safety and offer robust security measures, such as perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, and access control systems. Additionally, inquire about security personnel presence and procedures for securing aircraft and belongings.

Peace of mind knowing that your aircraft is secure will allow you to focus on enjoying your flights without worry.

24/7 access

Flexibility is key for private aircraft owners who may need to access their planes at any time, day or night. Choose an FBO that offers 24/7 access to hangar facilities and support services. Whether you have early morning departures, late night arrivals, or unexpected maintenance needs, having round-the-clock access ensures that you can fly on your schedule with minimal constraints.

The benefits of renting hangarage

Renting hangar space from an FBO provides numerous advantages for private plane owners. Eliminating the need for significant upfront investment in constructing a hangar, FBOs offer a range of amenities and services that are complex and expensive to access otherwise. Renting from an FBO allows you to focus on enjoying your private plane without the hassle of managing hangar facilities yourself.

When evaluating hangarage options for your private aircraft, it’s essential to consider the amenities and services provided by the FBO or hangar facility. From maintenance and aircraft fuelling to handling, security, and 24/7 access, these essential amenities can significantly enhance your flying experience and provide added convenience, safety, and peace of mind.

Multiflight‘s premium aircraft hangarage and parking services offer a safe and secure solution for the storage of private aircraft. Located conveniently in Leeds with comprehensive amenities, tailored solutions, professional maintenance, and enhanced security, Multiflight offers everything you need to elevate your flying experience. Contact us today to discuss hangar rates that suit your needs.