Creating a VIP Client Experience

Private charter encompasses far more than flying from point A to point B; it's about indulging in a world of exclusivity, personalisation, and seamless service that caters to the unique needs and desires of travellers.

Creating a VIP Client Experience

At Multiflight, the journey towards a VIP client experience begins long before the aircraft ever takes flight. Our team of on-site professionals are on hand to ensure every aspect of your journey is catered for, to create a travel experience that exceeds your expectations, centred around your comfort.


Any great flight begins with the service you receive on the ground.

Hospitality is at the heart of the VIP experience at Multiflight. From the warm welcome at the executive lounge to the personalised assistance throughout the journey, every interaction is infused with professionalism, Yorkshire hospitality, and a genuine desire to exceed expectations.

Whether it’s attending to special requests or anticipating needs before they arise, Multiflight’s hospitality team ensures that every client feels valued, cared for, and respected throughout their journey.

VIP catering

When you invest in private air travel, you deserve food that matches the experience.

Multiflight’s VIP catering service provides our clients with delicacies that set you up for the journey ahead. You will remain satisfied for the duration of your flight. We accept that everyone’s palette and dietary needs differ, so we are happy to create meals that cater to your requirements, ensuring a smooth experience from the moment you arrive with us.

Accommodation arrangements

For clients with bespoke accommodation preferences, Multiflight goes above and beyond to secure the ideal lodging options.

Leeds is rife with luxury, secure hotel options that we are more than happy to recommend and secure in the build up to your travels, or to relax into when you land. Having a hotel ready and waiting can ease the stress in arranging your travel home, and give you peace of mind that there is a comfortable bed waiting for you only a few miles from the airport.

Tailored to your preferences, these arrangements are meticulously planned to ensure maximum comfort, convenience, and privacy.

Security screening

Safety and security are paramount in air travel, for every single one of our clients and crew members.

Our purpose built screening facility is operated by a third party security team in Leeds who are available on request to screen flights. Our security procedure is discussed with our clients, including the transfer of dangerous goods, to comply with legal safety regulations as well as uphold our own values.

This includes:

  • All departing Crew and Passengers will be subject to the UK’s full security screening requirements.
  • Crew and Passengers are processed by Leeds Bradford Airport Security team, to Standard EU/UK CAA DfT rules regarding prohibited items and liquids.
  • Baggage will be screened by Aviation Security AMD and X-Ray equipment.
  • All hold baggage will be screened and segregated from Passengers and Crew under the supervision of Security personnel.

Airport transfers

We love to go the extra mile for our clients and making sure you get to your destination safely is just one of the ways we do this. We care about more than your time in the air; travelling to your destination requires a cordial airport transfer that delivers you to your accommodation with discretion and safety in mind.

At Multiflight, we arrange only exceptional vehicles that deliver luxury travel that matches our in-house service.

Pet travel

Multiflight is approved as one of the UK’s entry points for pets.

For clients travelling with furry companions, Multiflight extends its VIP treatment to their beloved pets. From pet-friendly accommodations to personalised care during the journey, every aspect of pet travel is tailored to ensure comfort, well-being, and peace of mind for both clients and the animal they are travelling with.

For more information on our Pet Travel Scheme, visit Pet Travel.

Executive aircraft handling

Executive aircraft handling

Multiflight’s expertise extends beyond the ground to the skies above. With a fleet of executive aircraft and a team of trained professionals, clients can rest assured that their journey will be smooth, safe, and punctual from takeoff to touchdown.

From flight planning and logistics to in-flight services and communication, Multiflight’s executive aircraft handling ensures a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

Aircraft refuelling

Efficiency is key in air travel, and Multiflight ensures that every aircraft is fueled and ready for departure without delay. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to reliability, clients can trust that their schedule will be honoured to the minute, allowing flexibility and convenience at every stage of your journey.

Our dedicated ground handling team is available to provide Jet A1 and Avgas fuel on arrival and departure.

Are you looking for VIP air travel in Leeds?

At Multiflight, we take pride in offering seamless VIP Handling to ensure you experience the epitome of luxury and comfort when you choose to travel with us. Departure times are designed to accommodate your availability and our exceptional services commence right from your doorstep. With their utmost professionalism, our dedicated on-site team meets your every need, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout your trip.