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    Highly trained & Highly experienced

    Helicopter charter is increasing in popularity as people recognise the flexibility and freedom it allows for both pleasure and business flights.

    Safety is paramount to us, as is our service.

    Whether you are looking for a helicopter for a corporate rental, or for a day out to a destination, helicopters make perfect air taxis and can be used to transfer you from point to point, quickly and efficiently.

    The stress-free way to travel, arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for your day, avoiding the all-too-familiar hassles associated with airport, road and rail delays.

    Our pilots are highly trained and highly experienced and all our aircraft are of the highest standard. Safety is paramount to us, as is our service. Call us now to discuss your helicopter chartering needs. We look forward to assisting you.

    The company of choice for a multitude of individuals, businesses and organisations.

    Corporate Events

    Save valuable business time and enjoy excellent service in one of our superb luxury charter helicopters.

    Sporting Destinations

    Travel in comfort to all motor racing circuits, your next international football or rugby game.

    Leisure Events

    Treat yourself and guests to a memorable, relaxed day out; free of any traffic and time restraints.

    Hotel Destinations

    Start your relaxing break in style in a luxury helicopter with an assortment of delicious refreshments.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Subject to operational checks, we can operate from any suitable landing site. For example, a hotel, golf course or even private garden. There may be restrictions and we may need to put battery operated ground lighting in place, but if we can make it happen we will. Please discuss with us when booking.

    Our price is all inclusive of fees, taxes and snacks.

    Yes, we can work with local agents to do this and recharge at cost.

    Once the contract is signed, full payment is due. In some circumstances we can offer instalment payments.

    For international travel yes you do. However this can generally be pre-cleared prior to your flight allowing you to arrive at your destination and transfer straight to your onward transport without having to see border officials in person. For domestic flights photo ID is required (passport, driving licence etc)

    Forms and vaccinations when travelling outside the UK are the same as for any travel method. Whilst we will advise and guide you on the requirements, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you have all paperwork, vaccinations, and from later in 2023 a European ETIAS. Any costs incurred by us for missing documentation will be recharged back to you.

    We provide snacks as a courtesy. If you wish to have something additional you can discuss this at the time of booking. Space onboard the helicopter is limited but we can look to arrange breakfast catering, or lunch sandwiches etc if you wish. This would be an additional cost.

    Please look to be there 15 minutes prior to departure.

    All our helicopters are flown by 1 pilot. We can provide a second pilot at additional cost if required.

    Our helicopters can seat between 6 and 8 passengers.

    Providing there is no reduction in aircraft performance and we can still fly the route booked, then yes this is no problem.

    No, if you charter an aircraft from us it will be for your sole use.

    The hold is large enough to accept 6 bags.

    Most airports have a private General Aviation (GA) terminal or building which we would use. If you are using a private site (hotel, golf course etc) then we would coordinate locally the reporting point.

    The contract is for the times and dates as agreed. If you need to change these then if we can accommodate we will. Additional costs may be incurred if the changes mean longer positioning flights or additional overnight fees.

    In the unlikely event of the flight being cancelled, we would refund all the charter price. We would also look in the market for a replacement. This may be at a higher price than the original aircraft and the additional would be charged. If you preferred not to book an alternative then you would receive a full refund.

    Yes, but cancellation fees would be payable as per the contract.

    Generally no there is not. However if you have to depart through an airport then there may be. We would discuss this with you leading up to the flight.

    Mostly yes, but it depends on local approvals. Please discuss this when booking.

    We watch the weather in the lead up to the flight. We may suggest a change of departure time or location if weather looks like being a problem. We would work with you to arrange transport to the new destination if that was needed.

    Yes, insurance is recommended as it is for any travel.

    Our helicopter comes with tea, coffee and water. If you wish additional drinks please discuss at booking as most requests can be catered for.

    Your chosen airport to wherever you desire

    The Multiflight Experience


    We provide for all aspects of your aviation requirements and our dedicated team will manage every phase of your journey.


    On board each aircraft we can offer catering and delicious refreshments to suit your needs.


    We can arrange for a chauffeur driven car hire, as well as manage bookings on your behalf.

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