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    Forget the traffic jams, rail delays and airport queues.

    Choose instead to charter an aeroplane. You will be able to travel in luxury and comfort, enjoy the benefits of a flexible flight schedule, and arrive at your destination refreshed and raring to go. From the moment our chauffeur picks you up at home our dedicated team will manage every phase of your journey.

    Over 20 years’ experience

    Whether you want to charter a business jet to take you to an important meeting, family vacation, or a large aircraft for transatlantic travel, Multiflight’s fixed wing charter broker service can help you.

    We have many years’ experience of private charter. Once we have spoken to you about your requirements, we will do the rest.

    The company of choice for a multitude of individuals, businesses and organisations.

    Corporate Events

    Save valuable business time and enjoy excellent service in one of our superb luxury charter aircraft.

    Sporting Destinations

    Travel in comfort to all motor racing circuits, your next international football or rugby game.

    Leisure Events

    Treat yourself and guests to a memorable, relaxed day out; free of any traffic and time restraints.

    Hotel Destinations

    Start your relaxing break in style in a luxury aircraft with an assortment of delicious refreshments.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Forms and vaccinations are the same as for any travel method. Whilst we will advise and guide you on the requirements, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you have all paperwork, vaccinations, and from later in 2023 a European ETIAS. Any costs incurred by the operator for missing documentation will be recharged back to you.

    Within reason, yes. Aircraft with less than approximately 10 seats mostly don’t have space for an oven, therefore cold catering is provided. Typically breakfast pastries and fruits for morning flights, sandwiches and cakes for day flights. You could also request platters of meats or cheeses. For larger aircraft with a flight attendant and ovens, full 3 course meals can be arranged. We also cater for dietary requirements and allergies, so please discuss when booking.

    All aircraft come with a well stocked bar of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Hot drinks are also available. If you have a preference for a particular wine or spirit then this can be arranged.

    All aircraft are flown by 2 pilots.

    Most GA terminals have private lounges so you can relax prior to boarding. Typical arrival time is 30 minutes prior to departure but can be as little as 15 minutes.

    For smaller aircraft (typically up to 8 seats) there will not be a flight attendant. For larger aircraft then yes there will.

    We can provide pricing from 2 seater jets to 200 seat commercial airliners.

    It depends on the aircraft and the flight length. Unless otherwise advised, all quotes are direct flights with the passenger load quoted. Adding additional passengers will reduce the range of the aircraft and may result in a fuelstop being required. Please discuss when booking and we take this into account.

    No, if you charter an aircraft from us it will be for your sole use.

    This depends on the size of the aircraft. As a rule, one case per person is fine. Additional luggage, (golf clubs, skis etc) should be discussed when booking in order that a suitable sized aircraft can be sourced.

    Most airports have a private General Aviation (GA) terminal or building which we would use. If one is not available then there will most likely be a fast track process through the main terminal and you would be escorted through this avoiding the queues.

    Yes, insurance is recommended as it is for any travel.

    The contract is for the times and dates as agreed. If you need to change these then we would discuss with the operator and if they can accommodate them, they will. Additional costs may be incurred if the changes mean longer positioning flights or additional overnight fees for the operator.

    In the unlikely event of the operator canceling the flight they would refund all the charter price. We would work with them, and also look in the market for a replacement. This may be at a higher price than the original aircraft and the additional would be charged. If you preferred not to book an alternative then you would receive a full refund.

    Yes, but cancellation fees would be payable as per the contract. We would try and negotiate these down to the lowest level possible.

    We watch the weather with the operator in the lead up to the flight. We may suggest a change of departure time or airport if weather looks like being a problem. We would work with you to arrange transport to the new airport if that was needed.

    For larger aircraft yes, although this is usually done within the GA terminal in a private setting. For smaller aircraft often no screening is required, but it depends on the local arrangements at each airport.

    Mostly yes, but it depends on local approvals as well as operator approvals. Please discuss this when booking so a suitable aircraft can be located. Pets must have their pet passport and be up to date with vaccinations. Your vet will be able to advise what is required to travel.

    Our price is all inclusive of fees, taxes and catering. We also offer courtesy chauffeur pickup and drop off if your flight is departing from Leeds. If aircraft de-icing is required then that is an additional charge, invoiced at cost after the flight.

    Yes, we can work with local agents to do this and recharge at cost.

    Once the contract is signed, full payment is due. In some circumstances we can offer installment payments.

    For international travel, yes you do. However this can generally be pre-cleared prior to your flight allowing you to arrive at your destination and transfer straight to your onward transport without having to see border officials in person. For domestic flights photo ID is required (passport, driving license etc)

    Your chosen airport to wherever you desire

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    We provide for all aspects of your aviation requirements and our dedicated team will manage every phase of your journey.


    On board each aircraft we can offer catering and delicious refreshments to suit your needs.


    We can arrange for a chauffeur driven car hire, as well as manage bookings on your behalf.

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